Kuiella Taldama: my journey

That is her name. She is the main character in the star saga. A book not about the distant past or far future, but the near now. Also, Kuiella Taldama is a space warrior. Her job is to protect the gogiyan empire. They are under attack by the reptilian empire. Sadly, many are gone in an on going war. Time to take decisive action has come.

Here is a short section for you to get a taste of our star saga. Read it and tell us... what you think about our cosmic journey.

She decides to let humans help the gogiyan people win the war. That is what our story is on. What price would you pay to make your dream come. How much would you be willing to pay. Oh yes, when at stake is the entire universe. Check out cosmicwarriorz.

Read our star saga Kuiella Taldama: my journey and find your very own answers.

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Kuiella Taldama