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A boy leaves planet earth in pursuit of an angelic alien girl from a far away inter galactic star empire. He fashions a new life among that stars in an empty cold universe. When I was a boy, I ran away - yes, far away - to the edge of the universe even.

Things look different after having lived among the aliens many years. Earth seemed so small, crude and raw. I was used to an antiseptic stainless steel cage. There was no rust on the bars of iron. I just had to break free once more. Ah yes, this restless spirit of mine.

Life is lonely among the stars and you see how small really you are. Personally, I am tiny in comparison to our universe. It is like you are on a small sailboat in the middle of the vast ocean. What are we in comparison to our sea? Yet everything in life has some uncanny purpose.

Read our star saga Kuiella Taldama and find your own answer.

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Kuiella Taldama