KUIELLA TALDAMA - Second Chapter more

Chapter two - continues

However, at home my dad got a new job where he made more money. Fact is he was rarely home now. This was hard on mom. Dad decided we should all go on a vacation to miami. It was on my twelfth year that we went on our vacation. My parents and I traveled by bus to miami. Yeah, I know that it is much faster by air. However, I am glad we went on this journey. Well, you see, on the bus I met a beautiful woman. This girl was my own age. She was so beautiful that I fell in love with her and felt a flash of energy. Like she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

There was something strange about her, like she was a foreign woman.

  “I love the ocean,” she tells me. “I come from a…..very dry place,” she continues.

  “Are you from oz?  Australia I mean?” I ask.

 “I’m from a place much further away,” she replies.

She told me her name. Kuiella Taldama it was. Life can never be the same. Oh, it is hard to explain, like she was a mystery inside of an enigma.

 Then it dawns on me, it doesn’t sound sane in the slightest bit but she must be an alien from outer space. No wonder she seems so pious, so pure. Suddenly images appear in my head, one flashing after another. It was as if I were watching TV. I see a world of crystal cities. There’s no pollution, there’s no crime. What the hell did I just see?

Unfortunately we had to part ways in Miami . Now, up north and back home, I can’t stop thinking about her. This flawless gem is a true wonder to behold. She has amazing white hair like the color of freshly fallen snow. It is complimented by her light skin which is the color of cream but not quite so pale, she seems to have an aura around her. Is this what love feels like?

After my parents got back home I could not stop thinking about this girl - the perfect flawless gem. I found her white hair amazing. All the time I did wonder about her light skin the color of cold cream. She certainly did not tan any.

My parents told me that my girl was an albino freak and this made me angry. Why are people so full of hate and racism? They do not accept those that are different from us.

"Dad, do you remember Kuiella, that blond girl on the bus we saw?"

He said, “Ah um, I don't remember any young woman…”

I showed him the picture I took with my sony camera. “Kid, don’t waste your time on that one. She’s probably dying from cancer.”  He then added, “Did you see how ghostly pale she is; like a vampire. Like, she belongs in a circus.”

Fuming inside, I begin to walk away.

“HEY! Where are you going?” my dad demands hatefully.

  “Far away”, I yell. “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say!”

  Glaring right into my eyes he yells, “Shut up and go to your room!!!” He was so full of hate.

  I decide to run for it. I run fast and hard. So far yet I can hear him coming after me. I don’t care, I keep running anyway. While running I decide to go on an infinite voyage. I will use the portal to go on a long journey to my love’s world. I have to go to her world even if it’s one way. She’s the only thing that makes sense right now.

  Finally, I reach the scary room, but the portal isn’t working anymore. It is not glowing and it does not open.

“What’s wrong with it?” I think to myself. I want it to open, just this once. Please, one more time WORK so I pray…LOUDLY. I want to go to her world. Thinking about her I pray even more.

  Finally it opens! I squeeze through the tiny opening to the other side….and… here I am! And, I got through to the open air. I begin inhaling sweet oxygen!

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