Short sample

She was not like those common girls of earth who only look at surface appearance. With her vast abilities she could deeply peer.. yeah, beneath my hard shell surface exterior right into my very core.

Her abilities was to look at my deepest secrets with her telepathic powers. Nothing was hidden from her all seeing third eye. It was like it was futile to even try to keep a secret from her, as that would only wet her appetite all the more.

Still, there are many dark secrets that I did not wish to share with her, or for that matter with any one. They were of a highly personal nature and not things that were spoken of except in whispers in dark rooms.

Perhaps I would have done well to stay away from my fairy princess. She liked to spy or pry. Earth was a fascinating place for her with vast ocean. Sadly, for me there were many sour memories.

Beginning of book - Kuiella.

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