Kuiella Taldama

OK so cosmic warriors  is an ongoing star saga of a boy who goes on a journey in our cosmos. He goes to the very edge of the universe. It is there he finds his way. Well, along the way he meets Kuiella Taldama.

She is a girl from another universe. It is she who teaches him about who he is. What is life about anyway. This story provide a perspective that is unique. Look at how humans appear to their neighbors out in space. Look at the new cosmic journey.

Short sample of Kuiella.

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Please enjoy the star saga. It was fun to create for you. Today go on a new voyage.

Here is another piece. Kuiella Taldama: my journey

The original sketch of the character for you. She is the one.

Look at a list of Kuiella Taldama characters.

Listen to a radio pro read the intro to the star saga - intro.

Listen to our editor read the first chapter.

Find out about the BEK or Black Eyed Kids.

Look at a Kuiella sneak peek.

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